Daga Malińska is a Polish born cinematographer based in Europe. Having grown up in the gritty but beautiful post-communistic Poland, her perception and visual sensitivity was later influenced by living in places like Oslo, London and now Los Angeles. She started as photographer and videographer shooting various events and festivals. In 2008 she was awarded a filmmaking scholarship at London Film Academy, where she better connected with her on going passion and profession- narrative visual storytelling. Her work at academy gained her a selection for New British Cinematographers Night. Later on she was successfully accepted to American Film Institute MFA Cinematography Program, where she studied the language and complexity of moving image, as a means of support to the director’s vision with light, composition and movement. Throughout her training, she’s had the privilege of being closely mentored by Stephen Lighthill ASC, Robin Vidgeon BSC, Ed Lachman ASC, as well as being an apprentice to Dion Beebe, ASC and Rodney Taylor ASC.

She is interested in capturing human emotions on screen, both through narrative, documentary and experimental storytelling. Cinematography is the fundament to her ultimate goal – provoking and diving into human heart and mind,  where each and every frame matters and creates a visual language that can speak for itself.