Daga Malinska is a narrative and commercial DP. Her work regularly screens at festivals around the world. Her cinematic craftsmanship was significantly shaped by living in cities like Oslo, London and Kyoto. After graduating from London Film Academy in 2010, she moved to Los Angeles to master her shooting skills. She was accepted to American Film Institute, which she successfully graduated from in 2014. Her master thesis film VLADO was warmly received and awarded by many US and European festivals. This gave her an opening to her first feature film FIRST LOVE, shot in Los Angeles. Since then she has been shooting shorts, commercials, feature films and tv series. Even though Daga’s experience with experimental and documentary forms is notable, she is best known for her great understanding of narrative filmmaking cinematic language. This insight led her to shoot photography on the critically acclaimed Norwegian Netflix TV series POST MORTEM. At the moment she is in prep for her 3rd feature film,  American-Polish co-production PERSEPHONE.